May 11, 2023

Steve Certified as Homestar Assesor

We're proud to share that Steve has earned his stripes to becoming a certified HomeStar Assessor. This means that he's an expert in designing and advising on sustainable design principles, as well as reviewing the work of others.

Prior to this, Steve was a Designer - so what's the difference between a HomeStar Designer and an Assessor? 

A HomeStar Designer is responsible for designing or modifying your home to meet the HomeStar certification requirements. They work closely with the homeowner and the HomeStar Assessor to identify areas where the home's sustainability can be improved. They provide recommendations on design changes that can be made to improve the home's energy efficiency, indoor air quality, and water efficiency. They also ensure that the materials used in the construction or renovation of the home meet the HomeStar sustainability standards.

On the other hand, A HomeStar Assessor is responsible for assessing the environmental performance of your home and providing recommendations on how it can be improved. They conduct a thorough evaluation of the home's energy efficiency, indoor air quality, water efficiency, and other sustainability factors. They use the HomeStar rating system to assess the home and provide a rating out of ten, which gives you an idea of how well your home performs in terms of sustainability.

A Homestar Assessor may also design and advise, as they have completed the Homestar Designer qualification, but they have the additional expertise in the Homestar assessment process to lead projects through Homestar certification.

Since becoming a certified HomeStar Assessor, Steve has already made some changes here at Voxell. He's on boarded the Voxell team to upskill them on what HomeStar is and to get everyone to speed on the key principles, he's also taken the lead as our resident expert on all things HomeStar-related going forward for all projects.

Steve is also  in the process of implementing new internal processes that incorporate HomeStar into our workflows, and he's created an onboarding document to introduce our clients to the many benefits of HomeStar too!

We're thrilled to have Steve leading the way in sustainable design practices, and can't wait to play a bigger role in supporting our clients to create more sustainable developments and houses, leaving an enduring impact on the world.