Dec 5, 2022

Licensed Building Practitioner Certification

Voxell is pleased to announce we have another certified Licensed Building Practitioner in our team. Sam Hodgson, our Senior Architectural Technologist, is now certified alongside Voxell founder and director Zak Kljakovic. Sam can now run and sign off projects both independently and by supervising others who haven’t yet become LBP designers or registered architects. Having another LBP in the Voxell team means our clients can continue to be assured that we meet the standards of competency. As an LBP Sam will now be provided with important information relating to regulatory and technical changes in areas related to his work and will undertake skills maintenance for continuous improvement of his knowledge and skills. 

Why get licensed?


“The New Zealand Government licence building practitioners so that the New Zealand public can have confidence that LBPs working on their homes and buildings are competent, and that homes and buildings are designed and built right. Licensing promotes, recognises and supports professional skills and behaviour in the building industry”.

Congratulations Sam, it’s great to know that with your help Voxell will continue to stay current and up to speed with industry changes, and comply with all obligations set out by the New Zealand Government.