our greatest asset is you

Talent keeps the bar set high. We know our most valuable asset is our people. Happy, healthy individuals contribute to positive, high-performance teams.

Your personal success is our collective success.

An inspirational working environment, an innovation-driven team, ambitious projects and a fast growing company are just a few reasons why you will love it here.


"feel like they have developed their skills"

"Enjoy the projects they work on"

"Feel connected to their co-workers"

of voxell employees

of voxell employees

"feel like they have developed their skills "

"have connected to their co-workers"

"enjoy the projects they work on" 

- Voxell Employee engagement survey 2021
- Voxell Employee engagement survey 2021

employee testimonials

"Voxell sits at the intersection of business, technology and design.
As a member of a start up and a small, growing business I get the opportunity to engage in a broad range of professional activities, from client interaction to technical development. There's continuous opportunity for growth, through ownership and accountability. We have to be resourceful and figure things out ourselves but the team environment is strong. Decision making is very democratic and the lines of communication are always open, everyone's opinion matters!"

Vikram Jayawant, Operations Manager

employee testimonials

"At Voxell, I always have the opportunity to prove what I know and take control of my work. We make changes quickly and adapt accordingly, which means we are constantly improving, preventing us from becoming stuck in our ways. It is a very collaborative environment giving all staff exposure to and involvement in numerous stages of projects and the operational aspects of the business. Voxell cares about you as a person, they understand the importance of balance and wellbeing, which is harder to get in a larger company. I also highly doubt you would ever get an office dog like Archie!"

Sam Hodgson, Architectural Technologist

employee testimonials

"I joined Voxell to gain experience, I always heard that working in a smaller firm is more beneficial. The work is varied and I get a lot of hands on experience with a wide range of very meaningful projects which means that everyday I go to work I am growing and learning. The team is young and enthusiastic with a real typical start up vibe. The transparency of projects, goals, and aspirations of the business mean I am gaining valuable knowledge about the business side of things as well as architecture. I enjoy it, the team is great, the projects are interesting, and I am continuously challenged, staying at Voxell is an absolute no brainer!"
Anthony Bolger, Architectural Graduate

Bring Passion. Leave ego.

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Senior Associate - Technical Lead
Wellington, NZ


Architect/Graduate Architect
Wellington, NZ


Architectural Technician
Wellington, NZ


Architectural Technician (Contractor)
Wellington, NZ


Being Balanced

We believe that quality time outside the office is vital to our employees' satisfaction and performance at work. We work hard to develop amazing solutions for clients but don't believe in grinding our staff through constant late nights like other firms; we encourage team members to take time off so they can come back refreshed.


Our people have a direct impact not only on the projects they work on but by being part of an exciting, innovative start-up that is growing and leading change in the industry. They are encouraged and able to have input into areas like growth, product and service innovation. Our heirachy is flat and everyone has a voice.

your growth matters to us

We are committed to helping our people realize their full potential. Our people have an annual career development plan and we encourage staff to up-skill and stay ahead of market trends, providing work time that is allocated to both research and professional development.

we value our people

We attract the best and want to retain them so place high importance on paying fair remuneration for the work they do, contributing to their Kiwi-Savers and prioritising development. We provide flexible working conditions, cover cellphone bills and are always looking for fresh ways to make Voxell a great place to work.

Celebrating Success

Celebrating the small wins and the big ones are an important part of Voxell culture. We have drinks every Friday, celebrate executing projects and company milestones and have one hell a Christmas party each year. We also attend industry events together and get involved in social and fitness causes like Round the Bays.


We attract the best and want to retain them so place high importance on looking after our people. We have an active heath and well-being policy in place to look after our people and provide the tools they need to be able to do things like flex working.

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We're always looking for talented, innovative people to join our Wellington team, who are as excited as we are to help lead New Zealand's construction market, utilising digital technologies. If we've sparked some interest, get in touch below.


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