Dec 5, 2022

Health and Wellness in the Voxell Office

At Voxell, we want our people to thrive in a positive and healthy culture, our people are the heart of our business and it’s a top priority for us, that they are well.

Recently, we took a deep dive into our health and wellness policies to further develop ways to promote, protect and support our team's mental wellbeing and make sure that these are not just on paper, but are practised daily! 

Our Implementation Plan:


First things first, we are a dog-friendly office! Research is abundant around dog-friendly offices boosting morale and productivity, reducing stress and anxiety, encouraging teamwork, promoting more regular breaks, and overall enjoyment… need we go on? But also because we love dogs, so why not?.

Meet Archie, also known as Wellington’s friendliest receptionist!


Every November we will be encouraging our team to grow a Mo to Save a Bro.  Movember is a campaign that encourages people to build donations and gain awareness for men's mental health and suicide prevention, prostate cancer, and testicular cancer, either by growing a mustache or by running/walking 60kms in November.

Check out some of our epic Voxell Mo’s from 2021 below

Being involved in Movember not only helped us raise money and boost team morale by working towards a collective goal but, it also helped us reflect on our mental health - how we navigate, monitor, and nurture it and how we can encourage this for others in our lives.

This leads us on to our next implementation.


If anyone in our team needs someone to talk to privately, we want the support to be at their fingertips so we’ve set up Employee Assistance Programme (EAP).

EAP is an employee benefit, fully funded by Voxell and intended to assist our team to understand and overcome a broad range of life and work issues to remain happy, focused, and productive.


To help our team reduce the stresses of navigating a work-life balance, we also do our best to offer a flexible work environment. You can find our team working in the office, at home when they need to and we even have one kiwi contractor and Voxell team member currently based in Austria!


We are excited to lead our team through another year of growth and success in 2022. 

Keeping a lens focused on health and wellbeing will be essential for the future of Voxell by creating a team and business that is healthy, productive, resilient and performs at the highest level.