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205 - 207 Newlands Road, Newlands, Wellington



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With its prominent location on Newlands Road, the Newlands development presents an exciting opportunity that not only addresses the regional housing shortage, but also seeks to enhance the site in accordance with the Wellington City Council’s strategic objectives for improving the vibrancy and vitality of the Newlands Town Centre. 

The development consists of 13 residential units, 10 street-facing commercial spaces, and 8 industrial buildings. This looks to provide a solution that meets the needs of both modern home and business owners, while providing the Newlands community and local economy with space and opportunity to grow. 

All residential buildings have been designed to maximise cross ventilation, natural sunlight, visual outlook, and access to private open outdoor spaces. The ground floor commercial spaces seek to add economic opportunity to the region, and ultimately transform Newlands Road from a thoroughfare to a pedestrian-friendly and socially engaging environment. 

The project’s dynamic and mixed-use functions promote an active street relationship while maintaining a private living environment for newcomers to the Newlands community. 

With this project, we sought to develop a design that sets a new tone and direction for the long-term evolution of Newlands, not replicating the existing condition but improving the urban character and amenity for the area. The built outcome is expected to help support the long-term revisitation of the centre, while setting a positive precedent for future developments within the local context. 

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