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Designed with the flexibility of options to be a hotel or build-to-rent model, Pandora Road was developed as a large-scale, modern apartment living complex able to cater to the growing demand for accommodation within the Napier region.

Due to current transformations of residential dwellings moving away from the traditional ideas of home ownership to more sustainable and intensified models, Voxell was presented with the challenge of designing more, with less.

For this reason, a mixed-use facility that responds
to the developing needs of the average homeowner, renter or temporary occupier was developed as an accommodation destination with a modern lifestyle design. To maximise the value of the land and community engagement among residents, a vision to create a vertical village that stimulates neighbourhood interactions was presented, bringing together all the best elements of the Kiwi lifestyle within a one-acre site.

Further building on this idea, a destination space was created, incorporating retail, commercial and café function to draw public engagement within the site and build confidence in the surrounding area of Napier as a viable place to live, work and play.

Designed as a seven storey, 80-unit structure, space was optimised to incorporate a collection of private, semi-private, and public green spaces throughout the site; encouraging community interactions and neighbourly engagement. In order to increase the diversity of the space, the incorporation of commercial presence toward the front side of the built form established 6m inward from the street boundary, with vehicular and pedestrian movement paths separated to allow strong social presence. Vehicular access was pushed to the Southern boundary of the site, while pedestrian access was developed with the Northern laneway created on site.

The built form was recessed on the Northern face to encourage pedestrian movement and create a social environment within the heart of the site, creating more urban engagement with open public areas and green spaces.

The final form developed as a result of environmental conditions within the site. Units were orientated to face the Northern façade of the building in order to obtain the most natural light.

The built form was developed upward, with units terracing from the North and East boundary to reduce the tower effect and as a result lead to neighbourly visual connections and engagement, while maximising outdoor living space per unit.

Through complex modelling, using BIM software, an outcome was achieved that was able to be visualised and communicated to the client, enabling them to make fast and more confident decisions.

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     Client testimonial

"Napier has a very particular art deco theme, so to design something that was innovative but remained consistent with the existing design styles was something that they did well and sets them apart from other architects. When I show people the designs, I present them as the future of Napier, they’re new age people and they think differently to what we do - it’s refreshing and it’s the future."

Brendon Parker, Property Developer

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