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We create bespoke, beautiful designs for our clients through a collaborative and seamless design process.

We create the best experience for your redesign or new build by letting you utilise our expertise to deliver your vision.

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THE Architectural Process for your project


To kick off your project, we'll have a chat about what you're wanting to do and send you a proposal with a phase by phase execution plan with pricing and timings. Once accepted, we'll gather information and conduct an on-site survey. The existing building information is gathered and a 3D model is developed to help you to better visualize the plan and enable faster decision making and to ensure we're always both on the same page throughout your project.

YOUR Concept Design

Your brief is given form and basic functionality to illustrate your ideas, in a concept, usually within the constraints of the territorial authority and regularity requirements surrounding site and project.

YOUR Preliminary Design

Your preferred concept is now refined to provide appropriate relationships and sizes to spaces. This includes the coordination and input of other consultants information, and any refinements to your original brief that will impact on the form, functionality and cost of your project.

YOUR Developed Design

Your approved design is further developed to provide a set of documents that identifies and coordinates all elements of the building, including structural elements, building services, materials and finishes and net/gross building areas.

YOUR Detailed Development

Your approved developed design is further refined to produce detailed drawings and specifications that will allow a building consent to be applied for, and for the tendering and negotiating of a building contract to be undertaken. All consultant input is integrated.

Tender & Procurement FOR YOUR PROJECT

Documents are prepared for submission for tender, or otherwise agreed method, at the end of the stage negotiations can be entered into to select a contractor. Contract documents are prepared for signing by the client and selected contractor.

Contract Administration & Observation

Your project is constructed through to the stage of practical completion. This allows you to occupy and use the project to commence your building phase, our contract administration helps you to manage your construction contracts. Finally, the observation of the contract works relates to Voxell monitoring the construction with respect to the design documents to ensure that your project is delivered seamlessly.

Seaview | 2019

Residential -WELLINGTON

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"We've had a fantastic experience working with Voxell, the ideas and level of detail in their design for our home, along with the overall vision has been exceptional. The Voxell team were great at communicating with us and have solid processes in place to get things done. In terms of quality, we couldn't have even dreamt this up! We can't wait to show off our new house soon and we'd be happy to recommend Voxell to others wanting to create their own slices of paradise!"

- Gabriela Williment, High End Residential Customer

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