Zak Kljakovic

Managing Director, Founder

Zak is the founder of Voxell, a passionate entrepreneur and a respected Architectural Designer with experience across Asia Pacific and Europe who is on a mission to support NZ’s construction industry through digital transformation. On the side you’ll see him flying past you on a snowboard on the mountain, smashing out ridiculous times for half marathons around NZ or enjoying a Gin and Tonic or two with his family in Silverstream.

Zak has always loved creating and building things, likely influenced by spending a lot of time on building sites with his father (a doctor who fancied himself a builder on the side) growing up, being a strong communicator and consistently delivering high grades in art and design, architecture felt like a natural path. While completing his master’s at Melbourne University, Zak was also working for Cox, one of Australia’s top practises and tutoring to more junior students on the side. After gaining experience across Asia Pacific, Zak relocated to Amsterdam where he worked as BIM Manager on a $300M Euro campus development for UN Studio, one of the world’s top architecture companies.

Relocating back to New Zealand, Zak felt the construction industry here was outdated and wasn’t utilizing digital technologies or ways of working. General attitudes in architecture and construction companies were still accepting the status quo and complaining about getting poor results for delivery repeatedly so decided to found Voxell.

Zak’s vision for Voxell is to be leaders in driving digital transformation for the construction industry across New Zealand. He has experienced first-hand, the huge benefits digital technologies can bring to the efficient delivery for the design, build and ongoing management of the built environment and wants to support companies in their journey to digitize and maximise the benefits of new, innovative ways of working.


Our Team

Zak Kljakovic

Managing Director, Founder

Jasper Keats

Senior Graduate Architect

Vikram Jayawant

Digital Project Co-Ordinator

Lisa Maathuis

Marketing Director

Voxell Culture

Being Balanced

We believe that quality time outside the office is vital to our employees' satisfaction and performance at work. We work hard to develop amazing solutions for clients but don't believe in grinding our staff through constant late nights like other firms; we encourage team members to take time off so they can come back refreshed.

Start-Up magic

Our people have a direct impact not only on the projects they work on but by being part of an exciting, innovative start-up that is leading change in the NZ construction industry. They are also encouraged and able to have input into areas like growth, product and service innovation, to truly be part of creating positive change in NZ.

Constant Learning

Digital technologies and ways of working in our industry are constantly changing and we want to be at the forefront of what that which means our team needs to constantly be learning. We encourage staff to up-skill and stay ahead of market trends, providing work time that is allocated to both research and their development.

We Value Our People

We attract the best and want to retain them so place high importance on paying fair renumeration for the work they do, contributing to their Kiwi-Savers and prioritising development. We also provide flexible working conditions and are always working on new ways to look after our people.

Celebrating Success

Celebrating the small wins and the big ones are an important part of Voxell culture. We have drinks every Friday with a great bunch of people which seem to start earlier each week, we celebrate winning and executing projects, company milestones and have one hell a Christmas party each year. We also attend industry events together and get involved in social and fitness causes like Round the Bays.

Staying Informed

We place high importance on being transparent and keeping our people informed. Our CEO hosts a weekly meeting to share the company's priorities and what's been happening. The hierarchy is completely flat and we respect the views and inputs of all, not only our leadership and our people but our customers as well.

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"Zak and the team also worked really well with other professionals like the planner and surveyors, there seemed to be a really good flow which meant I didn’t have to chase things up, instead, I was proactively kept up to date. The other big thing was how open the team were to ideas and feedback, helping us to get the exact result we needed. Would definitely recommend the team and will work with them again."

Sam Faisandier, Property Developer

“When I show people the designs, I present them as the future of Napier, they’re new age people and they think differently to what we do - it’s refreshing and it’s the future. The team were slick and professional and I’d definitely recommend them for future projects.”

Brendon Parker, Property Developer

“We have had a very good experience working with Voxell. The team was practical, professional and easy to deal with. They were also able to create excellent visualisations of what they proposed which has been invaluable to attract new tenants and maximise the property’s return.”

Thomas Pippos, Asset Owner