Fitzherbert Road




Multi Dwelling

Fitzherbert Road
Project Team:

Collab Engineers
House of Orange Design


Faisandier Group Limited


Wainuiomata, Lower Hutt


Concept Design,
Resource Consent,
Detailed Design and Building Consent

Located within the growing community of Wainuiomata, this housing development located centrally on Fitzherbert road looks to address the ever increasing housing shortage while enhancing the urban environment it relates to, and improving community engagement.

The project consists of 19 freehold allotments and 18 semi-detached townhouses; all designed to be sympathetic to the local architecture, the formal language and anticipated density for this area. 

Being orientated to optimise natural light and outdoor living spaces for all residents, these dwellings offer a light and spacious environment for occupants with a great connection to the beautiful Wainuiomata outdoors. The site is located centrally, ensuring that residents have convenient access to shops, local parks and reserves along with direct proximity to the bus network. 

Landscaping has been considered and designed as an integrated element of the overall vision, ensuring the amenity value of the local environment is not compromised and the increased density of the site is still compatible with its neighbouring context. 

This development is seen to offer contemporary, considered and well proportioned homes that are consistent with the medium density intensification goals and will add further vitality and community to the Wainuiomata region.

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