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This property, designed by Fritz Eisenhofer in the 1970s, offers a unique lifestyle that is entertainment centric.

The property is interestingly both extroverted and introverted at the same time; providing a social and entertainment hub at its core, while fully internalising

and hiding this social activity through a modest and unassuming facade. Within our design exploration, we wanted to maintain this character that underpins the original design and provide a solution that reinforces the notion of entertainment.

The architectural vision for this residential renovation is to create an environment that reinforces the idea of an entertainment centric space; exploring aspects of both introversion and extroversion throughout.

The architectural aesthetic will look to compliment the style of the era in which the building was first constructed, employing a simple and neutral colour palette with strong use of natural timbers both inside and out.

Together, these elements will reinvigorate the
building while maintaining the unique lifestyle that was intended within the original design and that underpins the architecture.

Volumeric Function

“We’ve had a fantastic experience working with Voxell, the ideas and level of detail in their design for our home, along with the overall vision has been exceptional. The Voxell team were great at communicating with us and have solid processes in place to get things done. In terms of quality, we couldn’t have even dreamt this up! We can’t wait to show off our new house soon and we’d be happy to recommend Voxell to others wanting to create their own slices of paradise!”

Gabriella Williment, High End Residential Customer

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